Friday, May 30, 2008

where does time go?

it has been exactly 5 months since our last post. a lot has happened during this time.

i don't really know how to post this on a blog, but on April 14th we got a phone call from vinny's mom saying that jim, vinny's dad, hadn't come home and it was getting late. a little while later we were called and told that he had been in a bicycle accident and was life-flighted to the hospital. we jumped on a plane about 5 hours later (thanks to my mom and dad coming over to help us pack and drive us to the airport). we arrived in florida the next morning and drove straight to his parents' house. we were filled in on the information they had so far - jim was hit by a car while riding his bicycle and he was in intensive care, in a coma, and on a respirator.

we spent the next 5 days at the hospital every waking hour by his bedside. on april 19th jim passed away. we had a beautiful funeral for him at the church and it was estimated that over 400 people attended the services. during the week jim was hospitalized we prayed and prayed for a miracle. when it became evident that this was no longer possible the hospital opened its doors to visitors. hundreds and hundreds of people came to visit him. jim was a very popular p.e. teacher at a local middle school. his accident and subsequent hospitalization were the lead story almost every night on the news. there were many many news articles printed about him.

there are many wonderful stories to tell about him, and i am sure that we will share some here. but for now, we just want to thank our friends and family for their prayers during this difficult time. we feel the love of the Lord and our Heavenly Father and have felt the healing comfort of the Holy Ghost.

we love all of you and again thank you for your help during this sad time.

love, megan