Friday, March 12, 2010

please check this out...

i have this amazing friend that i met in college named breclyn. she is pretty much superwoman! she recently asked me to join the board of this awesome organization that she runs called "sixteen small stones." breclyn works tirelessly to relieve the suffering of children around the world.

her main focus is on the orphans of china and africa, but she takes up cases where ever she finds a need.

right now we are trying to collect blankets and fuzzi bunz cloth diapers for a particular group. please go to her blog: for more info. also, there is a link to her blog at the top right of our blog.

please take the time to read through a bit of her blog, she is truely an angel - she is so inspirational...

we met at southern virginia university (when it was still svc) and we clicked instantly. over the years we lost track but thanks to the world of facebook we have re-connected and picked up like we never missed a beat. she is one of my dearest friends on this earth. i admire her to no end. she can move mountains with her faith and with her tireless work. i love her and know that when you read her blog you will love her, too.