Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad Mood Rising

i have to wonder if they had a secret camera filming us to get the idea for this episode.

a little gem from everybody loves raymond

wish we would have done this at our wedding!!!

(sorry it's such poor quality... it's the only version i could find.)

some roly-poly little bat-face girl

classic - i could watch chevy chase just chew gum. but watch paul simon twiddle his thumbs. beyond great!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009


two of my favorite girls. and one of my favorite songs. vinny and i used to listen to sarah a lot when we were dating.

please help me...... i'm going insane!!!

i need help from you fellow bloggers out there.

i am trying to write a new post with a bunch of photos. i want the photos in a specific order, and i want to write things above or below each photo.

i can't seem to do this.

every time i add a photo it puts it at the top of my blog and i have to drag it down to where i want it to go. but then it moves my writing all around. how can i add a photo where i want it to go? and put writing above or below it?

am i the only one with this problem? am i making sense?