Thursday, March 17, 2011

i love you!

so, listen to this video and decide for yourself. but it seems pretty clear to me at the end that evan mimics me saying "i love you." i recorded the video for his grammy (vin's grandma) so that is who we are talking to. this is not the first time he has repeated these words. my parents have heard him say it and i got it on my cell phone a few weeks ago. it's pretty cool... enjoy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


evan is now 9 and 1/2 months old! where oh where does time go? here are some fun facts about our sweet boy:

he can say mama and dada (when he feels like it)
when he talks to himself it sounds like he is saying "ya ya" or "ee i ee i oh". in fact we have started calling him yaya.
he has cut his first tooth and the second one should come through any day now.
he is still trying to crawl and combines that with rolling over, sitting up, and bouncing on his bum to get to where he wants to go.
he shakes his head "no" which is hilarious.
he kicks so much we think he is growing to grow up to be a champion soccer player.
he knows the signs for milk and kitty cat.
he loves to snuggle with his mama.
he loves music.
he loves cats and dogs.
he love love loves being in the car and stoller.
he is growing like crazy! he is taller than his 13 month old cousin and we just bought him clothes in size 12-18 months. he has definitely made up for his tiny beginnings.
he loves the bath and cries when he has to get out. he has loved the water ever since his very first bath. he finds it peaceful.
he hates shoes and socks and pulls them off as soon as i put them on.
his favorite object is his "silky" which is a blanket from his aunt mindi and aunt brynn. it is very soft and he cannot sleep without it.
forget toys, just give him a tv remote.

too cute:

silly face:

i love when he smiles and his nose scrunches up.

look at those cheeks!