Wednesday, November 7, 2007

am i in heaven?

...nope, just sprinkles. which is my idea of heaven.

my mom and i drove up to orange county to go to roger's gardens (an awesome garden/gift store) and look at their christmas stuff and their gardens. -by the way, if anyone is wondering what to get for me for christmas i found it there! it's a chandelier and it only costs $2,700. that's just pocket change!!!

anyways, after roger's gardens we went over to sprinkles which is this awesome cupcake store in los angeles and orange county. (it was on oprah -- ooh la la!) i pulled out my camera and took a picture, while the girl behind the counter told me that there is no photography allowed in the store -- oops!

look at all the pretty little cakes!!!


we ordered a lemon one and a pumpkin one so that we could share them.

now brynn, i know what you are going to say. i put the milk in the photo specifically so that you wouldn't say that they look like boobs!!!

the cupcakes are totally awesome.

mom loves the lemon one!!!

we ate both of the cupcakes...

but we don't like the dots on top that they import from france - yuck.

we decided to go buy some more to "take home to our husbands."

dad looks so happy!

and i am happy because vinny doesn't really like them - more for me!

mindi is my hero!!!

mindi durst is my hero!!!

thanks for figuring out my picture problem!

love you...

pics from the post of vinny's car trouble

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

am i alone here?

am i the only one who can't get photos to load onto it's making me so crazy!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

hasn't this happened before?

Saturday I (Vinny) was out and about appraising and, as usual I found myself on a very unfriendly dirt road. I went to back up and there was this little rock I didn't see that hit my undercarriage. The rock, like the iceberg from Titanic, was much larger underneath and as I went over it the tiny piece that hit my front axle enabled my car to push the whole rock out from the ground, revealing a much larger menace which did some damage. My car became high- centered and I was stranded in a dead-cell-phone-area on the outskirts of the Cleveland National Forest (which is no where near Cleveland, by the way). Luckily these burly 3 men where nearby and although they didn't understand English they certainly understood my situation. They saved my bacon! I refer to them as my 3 amigos. They didn't want their picture taken. They didn't understand the word "blog" either. Oh well, I snapped one anyway and caught 2 of them on camera! Gracias amigos!

sorry - the picture thing on blogger isn't working, so stay tuned for the photos.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

a proud sister

so i just got a call from my little brother Alex, who is a political science major at byu. he is an awesome guy. first of all, he is tall and handsome, served an awesome mission in harrisburg, pa, and he's super good in school. he's at byu on scholarship. i can brag about him since he's my brother. his gpa is off the charts amazing and he's hoping to attend harvard to get his law degree and mba all at the same time. anyways, he just called to tell us that he got accepted to the internship program he applied for. only 22 students are accepted all together. he is going to washington d.c. for the entire summer, but he doesn't yet know who he'll be interning for. isn't he amazing? we sure think so!!! stay tuned for some pictures of alex - i'm having trouble with my photos right now!

Friday, November 2, 2007

a sign from above?

vinny was in the car today, full of road rage at the slow moving traffic. then he noticed this license plate in front of him.



this is how i feel about chocolate cake today!