Saturday, February 19, 2011

evan is on the move... sorta

evan has figured out how to move!!! forget crawling... this little guy is scooting all over. i have tried and tried to help him learn to crawl, but from very early on he would just put his head down and fake cry when on his tummy. he is so funny!!!

evan is 8 months old now and such a delight. he is joyful and sweet and loving. he loves to cuddle and just started saying "mama." he seems to be getting his first tooth, and that has been a little bit hard on him. evan loves the bath and loves to be outside. he is super happy when the wheels are turning under him - either in the car or in his stroller.

we are so blessed to be evan's parents. we have never ever been happier or more content. he is always smiling and wherever we go people squeal over his rosy cheeks and blue eyes. we absolutely adore our sweet baby boy!!!