Thursday, November 26, 2009

an attitude of gratitude

vinny and i just read the article on called "an attitude of gratitude." it's awesome!

on this day of thanksgiving i just want to list a few of the blessings that i (megan) feel i have been blessed with lately.

first of all, i am so thankful for vinny and for the fun and silliness and strength that he brings to my life. he is such a hard worker and a wonderful husband. (not to mention he's sooooooo good-lookin'!) i count it my greatest blessing in life that i am married to him for eternity.

i am so very greatful for my parents and for the examples that they have set for me my entire life. they have provided me with unconditional love (even when i might not have been very lovable) and support. i am also blessed to have 2 wonderful brothers who set examples for me of how to be loving and spiritual. they have both married women that i am proud to call my sisters. and i am of course thankful for my nephews and my niece.

i am thankful for my two cats even though they are ususally very naughty.

i am thankful for my extended family - my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and all of my cousins. they provide me with endless love and entertainment.

i am very thankful to know that my Heavenly Father loves me. i am thankful to know of the love that my Savior, Jesus Christ has for me. i am so blessed to have this as the foundation for my life.

and i am thankful for all of you, my friends. even if we only "see" each other on our blogs, or on facebook, i am thankful for your friendship.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

so much to be thankful for!

we all have so much to be thankful for. what are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

blast off... new orleans!

well, we've made it here safe and sound!

new orleans is hoping that hurricane ida is not going to hit here! they are expecting a lot of rain, two inches tomorrow. living where we live vinny and i do not even own an umbrella - guess we'll be buying a couple of those today.

yesterday was spent in traveling here, we left our house at about 3:30 am, and hopped our first plane at 6:20. i had the good fortune to sit next to a lady that kept throwing up, claiming it was "just her diabetes." um, pretty sure it was more than that - if i get sick can i sue her? ha. ha.

when we were waiting to board our plane in atlanta vinny wanted to walk around for a few minutes. well, i waited while they boarded first class, then they boarded the next group, then the next. still no vinny. finally they had boarded everyone, and i mean everyone and vinny was still no where to be seen. they were getting ready to shut the door when he comes wandering up with a giant ice cream cone in his hand! how do you like that?

after landing in new orleans and surviving the wild taxi ride to our airport we got to check out our cool hotel. it used to be a rice factory or something like that. the room is very pretty and best of all the giant bed is very comfy!

right now we are waiting to get our table at the famous brennan's - excited to eat "the world's best egg's benedict"!

we're really looking forward to exploring the city every evening after vinny's conference.

hopefully we'll update everyday and hopefully have some cool photos for you, too!

Friday, November 6, 2009

tag - you're it!!! 8 things...

so, cammie tagged me on her blog so now i'm going to answer these questions (and then tag some of you)!!!

eight things i did today - not in order:

1. bought a strawberry cupcake for me, and a red velvet one for vinny

2. had lunch with my mom and dad. can i just take a minute to tell you all how incredibly awesome they are? seriously, they are so upbeat and positive and fun and funny and supportive and... wonderful! i realize how blessed i am and thank Heavenly Father every day for sending me to such a loving family.

3. returned a gigantic fleece sweatshirt we bought for vinny when we thought we was going to new york.

4. bought myself a zipper sweatshirt with a big star on the back (i'm a complete sucker for stuff with hearts or stars - i haven't outgrown being 9 yet) and a cute "twirly" white skirt that was only $4.99. i didn't even know it was on sale until i paid for it - yippee!!!

5. have done 3 loads of laundry so far and still have at least 2 more to go. sad? yes.

6. bought a present for vinny to try to convince him that he really does love country music.

7. made about a zillion lists of things to pack (because we are going to new orleans tomorrow!)

8. watched my man mow the lawn

eight things i'm looking forward to:

1. christmas

2. decorating for christmas

3. seeing family over the holidays

4. learning to cook (better)

5. learning how to sew on the sewing machine

6. our adoption (even though that may still be years away i am definitely looking forward to it)

7. meeting with an infertility specialist

8. going to new orleans with vinny!

eight favorite shows:

1. the office
2. 30 rock
3. the new adventures of old christine
4. everybody loves raymond
5. ace of cakes
6. laverne and shirley
7. sienfeld
8. ellen's talk show
9. gilmore girls... and of course,
10. i love lucy

eight favorite restaurants:

1. bruno's pizzaria
2. pf chang's
3. beni hana

i'm pretty open to restaurants, but those are my top three!

now i am tagging: