Wednesday, January 20, 2010

how to help an orphanage in haiti

we are in communication with a man who runs an orphanage in haiti. the number of orphans in his care has jumped from 24 to 84 since the earthquake. they do not have access to their bank accounts and are reliant upon western union to get funds to buy necessities to live on. their building has been destroyed!

the director of the orphanage is a member of our church and we can guarantee that every penny will be used to help his orphans. we are creating a paypal account just for this haitian orphanage that should be ready tomorrow. any amount that you can donate will go so far. even if you only can spare $1.00!!! a link to his orphanage website (not in English) is
***please*** don't donate via their website as they have no way to access their banks at this time. we thank you so much for your help and prayers. these children are in need of everything.

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The Lingo Family said...

Please let me know what the Pay Pal info is when you get it. I will spread this news in my ward too.